Designing an office surrounded by nature.

Surrounded by nature, this office building is located in Alderley Park, Cheshire. The building is a research and development office designed for AstraZeneca at one of their main UK sites. We had the opportunity to design an adaptable workspace to suit our clients needs.

This encompassed conferences rooms that can be opened up to provide larger conference suites, a full suite of meeting rooms as well as a business and learning centre. In total, this office complex has the capacity to house 750 people.

When developing the building, we were reluctant to dilute the beautiful woodland character of the site, so we made sure the landscaping formed a perfect transition between the parkland and woodland zones of Alderley Park. The building’s outstanding design was recognised by the British Council of Offices with the award of Corporate Regional Winner - North of England.

Alderley Park
Project Lead
Neil Maddocks
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