Arts Centre Transformation

🎭 We are currently working on the transformation of the prestigious Grade II-listed Pyramid Arts Centre for Warrington Borough Council, occupying a former Victorian County Court and Gymnasium within the Palmyra Square Conservation Area.

👷‍♂️ The project involves the extensive renovation of the existing buildings, along with substantial internal alterations and fixing of a number of long-term operational and programming issues within the facility, allowing Pyramid Arts to programme a more diverse range of local and nationally touring performing arts productions.

🎨 Pyramid Arts aims to create a dynamic and vibrant environment where people can immerse themselves in high-quality arts and culture. It will serve as a versatile venue, providing space for creatives and arts professionals to experiment and produce innovative work across various art forms. These enhancements will transform the Pyramid into a local and regional cultural hub, inspiring future generations who appreciate and engage with the arts.