Our Team

We are an enthusiastic group of experienced Architects, Project Managers and Architectural
Technologists based in our beautiful Georgian office in Stanley Street, Chester.


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Marc Roberts

Managing Director [ext. 4344]

Chris Rhodes

Director [ext. 4345]

Neil Maddocks

Associate Director [ext. 4364]

Angie Roberts

Office Manager [ext. 4346]

Eoin Ryan

Senior Associate [ext. 4351]

Peter Fisk

Senior Associate [ext. 4324]

Lezandri van Rooyen

Architect [ext. 4352]

Paul Fielding

Senior Architect [ext. 4326]

Andrew Roberts

Senior Arch. Technologist [ext. 4337]

Blanca Pozuelo

Architect [ext. 4366]

Dan Pickard

Senior Arch. Technologist [ext. 4365]

Aimee Mulhall

Architectural Assistant Pt.I [ext. 4350]

Scott Tomlinson

Senior Architect [ext. 4353]

Lauren Fearon

Architectural Designer [ext. 4357]

Mia Roberts

Trainee Technologist [ext. 4323]

Gabriela Ibarra

Architect [ext. 4322]

Tomas Hartley-Cook

Architectural Assistant Pt.II [ext. 4368]

Rhiannon Graham

Architect [ext. 4325]

Kerry Burns

Architectural Assistant Pt.II [ext. 4327]

Emily Karras

Architectural Assistant Pt.II [ext. 4358]

Chris Webster

Senior Architect [ext. 4338]